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Talking Turkish : for business, leisure, or pleasure; it's fun to learn Turkish at learnTurkishnow.     


Whatever your reason for learning Turkish, I can help.

You can start studying Turkish in the comfort of your own home without the need to travel great distances to a Turkish class or Turkish Teacher or even having to  venture out on a cold winter’s evening.

Within a very short time you should find that your listening skills have developed, you recognise Turkish words and phrases, and your speaking skills are enhanced, meaning that you pronounce Turkish words properly: you will realise the Turkish language is taking shape in your mind!

Learning Turkish with a teacher
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The problem for most people is finding a teacher of the Turkish language who lives within travelling distance.

Good teachers provide, encouragement, guidance, feedback and correct mistakes at an early stage before they become habitualised and are therefore more difficult to put right.

Most people who have successfully learnt to speak Turkish will speak of the important role their Turkish teacher played!

Why learn Turkish online with a native Turkish speaker?

Talking Turkish : for business, leisure, or pleasure; it''s fun to learn Turkish at learnTurkishnow.

Learn Turkish with me and you should soon be starting to speak, understand, and use the turkish language confidently.

One to one Turkish lessons provide the student with the right level of support and mean the lessons move at your pace.    You will of course need a computer with a web-cam and microphone.

I generally recommend that students take at least two one hour Turkish lessons a week to begin with. More intensive programmes can be arranged upon request. Some students just require holiday Turkish so that they may, for example, order a meal and speak to taxi drivers and hotel staff. People who own a second home in Turkey will need the  practical Turkish  to cope with a whole range of different situations.

More people with links to Turkey (eg through marriage or property) are taking Turkish citizenship and this involves taking a language Test.  My lessons provide a fun way to get yourself up to speed for the tests.

 You will probably know that there are "on-line" Turkish courses available which consist simply of written material.    I suspect most people find these materials of limited use.   Some Turkish courses offer pieces of recorded audio material which clearly offers advantages over written text only.   I am offering you  face to face Turkish lessons with a native speaking teacher of the Turkish language: with me you get feedback, encouragement and your mistakes are gently picked up and corrected.

 Learning Turkish online gives you the opportunity to learn this wonderful language at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

Private Turkish lessons over the internet  provide direct contact via web-cam, you can see and hear me and I can see and hear you. We can also message using the keyboard, during the lesson. My on line Turkish lessons are interactive, one to one and good fun!    I believe most people would say sometime in the first lesson they forget that the lesson is being delivered over the internet and it seems as if they have been learning with a Turkish teacher in the room with them!




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