Lessons 2 to 6 with learnturkishnow.co.uk

Lesson 2

In this lesson we learn more about the plural suffix  and how it is affected by vowel harmony.    Click on the pdf file below:-


Talking Turkish : for business, leisure, or pleasure; it''s fun to learn Turkish at learnTurkishnow.

lesson 2 (519kb)

Lesson 3

In this lesson we learn more about Peter, Ayse and Deniz.  We also learn how to talk about other people in Turkish and to say a little about ourselves:-

lesson 3 (401kb)

Lesson 4

In this lesson we learn about colourful coats and learn to say  whether someone is well or maybe feeling ill or unhappy.

lesson 4 (414kb)

Lesson 5

In this lesson we learn more about personal pronouns in the Turkish language.    A pronoun is a way of referring to someone or something without using his/her name.   So in English :   he / she / it /  we etc..   Click on the pdf link below:-

lesson 5 (548kb)

Lesson 6 the Locative suffix (-de or -da)

The locative suffix is used in Turkish to signify presence at or in a location.   In other words to say where something or someone is.   We make the locative suffix by adding -de or -da to the place word or name.   

click on the pdf link:-

lesson 6 (929kb)