Studying Turkish

Lesson 7

We learn the Turkish names for shops we might need to go to while we are in Turkey, we revise the locative suffix and practice our number skills:-

lesson 7 (546kb)

Lesson 8

Let''s go the greengrocer''s :-


lesson 8 (342kb)

Lesson 9

In lesson 9 we learn the days of the week and some other time phrases.       We also learn how to ask some simple questions including whether someone has something or not :-

lesson 9 (465kb)

Lesson 10

In lesson 10  we learn to make compound nouns in Turkish (nouns made by putting two nouns together)   eg  telephone  &  book to make telephone-book. 

lesson 10 (361kb)

Lesson 11

In this lesson we learn the months of the year, deal with some BIG numbers and talk about the weather

lesson 11 (507kb)