Yasemin's top tips for learning Turkish

Yasemin's top tips for learning Turkish


My top tips for learning Turkish are :-

  • Take regular lessons with a good teacher
  • Set aside ten minutes each day to study a little Turkish using a study book or notes you have made
  • If you have a Turkish friend speak a little Turkish with them when you see them
  • If you can watch Turkish TV (I recommend "soap operas" where the storylines are simple and the context gives hints to what is being said).
  • When you are ready, read a little.   Children''s story books can provide a charming way of reading fairly simple language
  • Some Turkish newspapers have an online version try www.hurriyet.com.tr  A link to a wide variety of Turkish Language newspapers is found at  www.gazetelerweb.com/ and did you know the BBC offers Turkish language pages ? www.bbc.co.uk/turkce/ 
  • It''s better to do a little often rather than a lot in one go and then leave it for ages ....
  • above all have fun...if it seems like hard work you probably aren''t learning very much!

How to study

Whilst I am stressing the important role played by a good Turkish teacher in your learning it is not all down to the teacher!

Learning Turkish also requires a little commitment and application on your part between lessons.    I will set pieces of work and tasks for you.  Hopefully you will find these interesting as well as educational.

If you have access to a printer please print off the pictures linked to lessons you have completed or return to the site to look at them again if that is easier.  Can you remember the vocabulary/piece of language you have learnt?

Once we move on to use "Hitit" (see Turkish study books) please use the book between lessons to go over past learning and keep it fresh in your mind.

A little bit often is the key!

Talking Turkish : for business, leisure, or pleasure; it''s fun to learn Turkish at learnTurkishnow.

Good study books and materials

I recommend "Hitit" and this is available to purchase on this site see the button on the left "study books".

"Hitit" is not the only quality Turkish study book on the market.   Here are some of the other Turkish study books available with some thoughts about them:

(under construction)

Talking Turkish : for business, leisure, or pleasure; it''s fun to learn Turkish at learnTurkishnow.

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