Learning Turkish - a first Turkish lesson

Turkish online lesson 1 with learnturkishnow.co.uk

Talking Turkish : for business, leisure, or pleasure; it''s fun to learn Turkish at learnTurkishnow.

The material attached here is intended for use with students during on-line teaching sessions.    You are welcome to have a look.

In the first lesson you will learn your first Turkish words.  The pictures show the vocabulary we will cover.   The lesson covers : first words in Turkish, making plurals in Turkish, some adjectives saying something is new or old, saying someone is young or old.

You will notice that the Turkish words are not given in a written form alongside the pictures there are two reasons for this which I will explain below.

Please click on the PDF file below :

lesson 1 (417kb)

My Turkish teaching method

What you have just been looking at is the teaching material as we will actually use it. 

We start with the Turkish names for familiar objects (concrete nouns).  First you will learn to recognise the sound of the Turkish word and associate it with an image of the object.   Then you will learn to say the word.   I will help you with the correct pronunciation.

The final stage once you can recognise the word when someone says it and can pronouce it properly yourself, then I will show you how to write that word.  I use the keyboard to send a message during the lesson for this.

After the lesson those students who want/need can have a copy of the lesson material with the written names on it.

I use this method because research and teaching experience show that most students when starting to learn a new language have information overload if they are trying to deal with both the sound and the sight of the new word at the same time.    It is particularly important to listen to the sound of the word first.

This is part of the material as the student can see it after the lesson.

File 1 (236kb)

Some exercises in Turkish language

Now some exercises for you to try to see how much you have learnt!

Effective learning means homework to!

It is of course helpful to have some work to do between lessons.   My course comes with a set of tasks for students to complete between lessons.    Here is a sample to go with the first lesson.

Homework (474kb)